The historic chapter house at 6 Humboldt Avenue has been home to Massachusetts Delta for over 100 years. While structurally sound, over a century of use as a fraternity has taken its toll.

The project detailed below will transform the property into a comfortable, safe, and attractive living-learning environment and position the fraternity to compete with other fraternity facilities and the university's new dormitories.

Phase 1: Heating & Insulation Upgrades

This summer, using funds it has accumulated over several years of careful fiscal management, the house corporation is proceeding with the first phase of the project.  The boiler will be replaced with an energy efficient and directly vented natural gas unit, and the distribution system will be updated as needed.

Based on the results of a recent energy audit, the plans include upgrading the building’s insulation, particularly in the attic.  During this phase, windows that are contributing to heat loss may be replaced and any problematic areas around windows and doors will be sealed..

phases 2 & 3: 1st Floor Renovation / Connector

1st Floor Floorplan
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Southside view of property
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The renovation to the first floor is intended to maximize and update function space for dining, chapter meetings, and events.  A connecting corridor to the back house will be entered at the rear of the living/chapter room.  The connector will bring the houses together as one, providing weatherproof access to the kitchen and living areas for brothers whose bedrooms are in the back house.  
The connector will also include a 1-person lift to further satisfy the city’s accessibility requirements.
The two story addition off the south (right) side of the house will double the size of the current living/chapter room and allow for additional and expanded bedrooms on the upper floors.  

  • During these phases, the renovation on the first floor will:
  • Reduce the full wall that separates the foyer from the dining room to a half wall with serving station
  • Replace all flooring in the dining room, foyer, and chapter room
  • Remove and replace ceilings, drywall, & lighting
  • Upgrade the electrical and hide all exposed conduits and pipes behind the newly installed ceilings and walls
  • Restore the main staircase and bring back its luster
  • Restore all original trim and replace with the same or similar finishes where needed while maintaining the historical accuracy of the design
  • Preserve the fireplaces as aesthetic features, but remove the chimney so bedrooms can be expanded on the upper floors

The addition will include:

  • Installing a secondary staircase for safe egress from all floors and permanently removing the exterior fire escape
  • Doubling the size of the current chapter/living room to accommodate chapter meetings, faculty dinners/socials, and alumni events
  • Adding two new rooms in the basement, one which will function as a scholarship library and conference room and the other as a tech suite for small group meetings

PHASEs 4 & 5 - 2nd & 3rd Floor Renovation & Expansion

2rd Floor Floorplan
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3rd Floor Floorplan
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During this phase of the renovation, work will proceed to the second and third floors.  The addition will add square footage on the second floor.  The new secondary staircase will begin on the 3rd floor.   

  • The size of several bedrooms on both floors will be expanded by demolishing the now redundant chimney and reconfiguring each landing to recapture underutilized space into the bedrooms and bathroom.
  • During these phases, the renovation of the upper floors will also:
  • Add two new bedrooms on the second floor and reconfigure both landings to convert underutilized landing space into bedrooms on both floors and a new bathroom on the third floor.
  • Replace flooring, replace/repair ceilings as needed, and replace plaster walls with impact-resistant drywall
  • Convert the smallest bedroom on the third floor into a group study tech suite
  • Add a full bathroom on the third floor
  • Restore the central stairway and repair/replace trim as needed